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Father Frank Pavone - International Director of Priests For Life.

"The Counselor Corps offers a powerful new strategy and meets a longstanding need in the battle against abortion. We cannot afford to face the question from God, "Why were you not there to intervene when my children were being killed?" I ask all pro-life people to pray for the success of this effort and to support it in any way they can."

Joan Andrews Bell - Author and Pro-life Activist

"What would the Good Samaritan have done if instead of a traveler beaten by robbers the person in the ditch was a pregnant woman thinking about an abortion?

I believe that the Samaritan would have done the same thing that The Counselor Corps wants done. He would have offered help and love immediately and led the pregnant woman to a place where she would receive all of the help needed for her and the baby - at no expense.

For this reason, I endorse The Counselor Corps. I know that God blesses endeavors such as this. Please help The Corps as best you can."

Norma McCorvey - Author of the autobiography "Won By Love"

"As the former Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade and later as an employee of a Texas abortion clinic, I know first hand the desperate need for love, the missing ingredient in many unfortunate decisions about life and death.

The Counselor Corps' mission is to protect and support the brave Christians on the front line of the abortion problem. I endorse its goals whole heartedly. Please join with me in supporting this loving, law-abiding crusade?"

Steve Wood - President, Family Life Center International and Founder of St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers

"The Counselor Corps offers a legal and loving way to dramatically reduce abortions. This fresh new pro-life initiative has a proven ability to save babies and to prevent women from being scarred emotionally and physically by abortion. May The Counselor Corps receive the encouragement and support it so richly deserves."