Press Release: For immediate release, Friday, January 30, 2004

Federal Appeals Court refers to an abortion patient as a "mother"

"While continuing an abortion after a patient wishes it to stop does have the effect of preventing that patient from obtaining reproductive health services elsewhere, that is merely a side-effect when the abortionist is motivated by a desire to protect the health and safety of the mother . . ." -- Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Jane Roe II v. Aware Woman (Emphasis added)

ATLANTA, GA -- The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that an abortionist didn't violate the federal FACE law when he had a woman restrained during an unsuccessful abortion, even though she demanded that he stop the procedure and let her leave. An AP news story can be accessed by clicking here. The entire opinion can be accessed by clicking here. The above quote spans pages 13 and 14. A chronological history of this case can be accessed by clicking here.

There is really nothing surprising about this decision in light of the pro-abortion bias in the courts today except for one sentence, quoted above, that shows the court knows that a pregnant woman undergoing an abortion is still a mother.

The obvious question is: Whose mother is she? Blobs of tissue don't have mothers. Products Of Conception (POC) don't have mothers. Pregnancy tissues don't have mothers. Babies/children have mothers. All pro-lifers know this. The 11th Circuit obviously knows as well and now even says so in their opinion above. And it is now in the law books forever.

Words and the choice of words have meaning. Who knows what this means?

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