Press Release: For immediate release, Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Women's Right to Privacy Upheld By Supreme Court

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, by refusing to hear an appeal from the abortion industry to do otherwise, the Supreme Court let stand a ruling of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals that let a woman using the pseudonym, Jane Roe II, proceed anonymously in her case against the abortion industry. This is a great victory for women's rights in that a woman damaged by the abortion industry can now sue for those damages without having to go through the public humiliation of admitting she had an abortion. Many women are damaged at abortion clinics, but up until now, most would not sue because they did not want to tell the whole world that they had an abortion. That fear has been alleviated by the U. S. Supreme Court today.

Even the abortion industry recognized that the Eleventh Circuit reasoned ". . . that all prior cases that involved the issue of abortion were permitted to proceed anonymously because abortion is a matter of utmost intimacy."(1) Since privacy was the main justification for Roe v. Wade (that legalized abortion) the abortion industry had little chance of reneging on that privacy once a lawsuit against them came along.

A history of the whole case is at Jane Roe II v. Aware Woman Center for Choice, Inc. et al.

U.S. Supreme Court Case Number is 01-777

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(1) See page 5 of the appeal