Press Release: For immediate release, Wednesday, June 5, 2002

ABOUT FACE - Equal protection under the law

WASHINGTON, DC -- FACE, the federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (18 U.S.C. 248) was passed at the urging of the abortion industry to be used as a weapon against pro-lifers who passively and non-violently place their bodies in front of abortion clinic doors (commonly known as rescues) to prevent mothers from entering to have their unborn children killed.

However, like Goliath's sword, FACE is a weapon that can be picked up and used by combatants on both sides of the battle. Figuratively, FACE is to the abortion industry as Goliath's sword was to him. Everyone remembers what little David (pro-lifers) did to Goliath (abortion industry) with that sword. See an example at Jane Roe II vs. Aware Woman, a case in progress.

In addition to prohibiting the blocking of access to abortion clinics, recent case law and statutory analysis support the idea that FACE may prohibit the following, when committed "by force or threat of force or by physical obstruction":
1) Forced/coerced abortions,
2) Interference with pro-life sidewalk counselors working outside abortion clinics,
3) Interference with pro-life pregnancy help centers, and
4) Interference with religious activities taking place at a place of worship.

More details are available on The American Center for Law and Justice web site at it's new resource, An ACLJ position statement about FACE.

The Counselor Corps congratulates the ACLJ, the Department of Justice, and others for recognizing the equal protection provision of the FACE law that protects pro-life referral counselors (sidewalk counselors) and others.

All pro-lifers are encouraged to be vigilant for violations of FACE. The remedies under FACE are much stronger than any local law. Plus a prosecuting attorney is not required to go to court. An individual, church, or business can sue civilly under FACE. There are statutory damages (do not have to be proven) specified in the law. There are provisions for unlimited punitive damages.

One example of the power of FACE is when Planned Parenthood won over $100 million in damages against pro-lifers in the case: Planned Parenthood v. American Coalition of Life Activists, D.C. No. CV-95-01671-REJ (District of Oregon) under Appeal in the 9th Circuit as No. 99-35320. Note: it is a civil case - no prosecuting attorney required.

It is doubtful that Planned Parenthood will ever collect much of that judgement because pro-lifers typically don't have much money. However, a judgement in the other direction would be another story because the abortion industry has plenty of money.

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