Press Release: For immediate release, Tuesday, June 22, 2004

U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear forced abortion case

WASHINGTON, DC -- The United States Supreme Court has refused to hear Jane Roe II vs. Aware Woman Center for Choice, Inc., Case No. 03-1447. In this case, a young mother[1], Jane Roe II, alleges that an abortionist at Aware Woman violated the federal FACE law when he had her restrained during an unsuccessful abortion, even though she loudly and repeatedly demanded that he stop the procedure and let her leave. A chronological history of this case can be accessed at

"Forced abortions as well as non-consensual abortions of all kinds, are being done non-stop across America. These atrocities against mothers are our country's blackest unspoken secret", says Jean Sapp, director of the Counselor Corps, an organization which trains reproductive health service providers. "Now the U. S. Supreme Court is allowing them to continue unabated," she added.

This poor mother, Jane Roe II, was pinned down for an abortion at the Aware Woman Center for Choice in Melbourne, Florida while she screamed ‘Stop!, Stop!, Stop!'. The abortionist did finally stop once the baby was dead and he had perforated her uterus and pulled part of her intestines out.

The forced abortion performed on Jane Roe II was despicable enough but this mother's tragedy continued on into the court room. The United States District Court in Orlando ruled against her. She appealed to the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta. The judges there held that the abortionist should be exonerated because he claimed to be helping the mother and acting in her best interest. In other words, the mother's decision or desires meant nothing.

Now the United States Supreme Court has passed up the opportunity to guarantee all mothers that they have the absolute right to say "No" to an abortion. Jane Roe, II was denied that right and now the U. S. Supreme Court has opened the door for others to be legally able to force an abortion on a mother (or prevent her from getting an abortion) as long as they are acting in her best interest.

Her appeal was filed by prominent attorney, Michael Hirsh of Atlanta, Georgia.

The Eleventh Circuit's definition of Jane Roe II as a "mother" stands

One precedent setting statement was made by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in their written opinion. That statement referred to Jane Roe II, an abortion patient, as a "mother." See That statement went unchallenged by the U. S. Supreme Court and now stands as legal precedent in the Eleventh Circuit.

Mrs. Sapp asks the question, "How can a woman be a legal mother without a child who's a legal child with the right to life and equal protection under the law?"

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[1] Federal Appeals Court refers to an abortion patient as a "mother"