Press Release: For immediate release, Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Women's Right to Privacy Assaulted By Abortion Industry

LEHIGH ACRES, FL - A major salvo has been fired by the abortion industry in its legal attack on a women's right to privacy. An appeal has been brought in the United States Supreme Court in the case of Aware Woman Center for Choice, Inc. et al. v. Jane Roe II, Case Number 01-777 which seeks to strip a victim of forced abortion of her anonymity.

According to an observer, Jean Sapp of The Counselor Corps which provides help to women threatened by the abortion industry, "This appeal has been brought to keep a victim of forced abortion out of the courts. The abortion industry knows that women who brutalized by forced abortion will forever suffer in silence from this crime rather than expose themselves to public humiliation if they are deprived of their anonymity."

Michael Hirsh of Atlanta Georgia is representing Jane Roe II. Michael is one of the great lawyers of our time. He will do well speaking for not only Jane Roe II, but for all women whose rights to privacy are threatened by this case.

"The Taliban is notorious for abusing women. But forced abortion is too barbaric even for them. How can we, a nation founded on freedom, allow this atrocity?" Dr. Pat McEwen, Life Coalition International.

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